There’s no such thing as too much tinsel.

Had a great afternoon at the Contessa Christmas show. Although there were lots of classes I was only entered for one – Pairs with Michelle on Tarik and me on the lovely Toby. Toby was very excited at the prospect and, urged on by the length of blue tinsel that kept stubbornly following him, executed some lovely piaffe steps and then an amazingly forward travers all down the long side as Michelle struggled to match our speed on the opposite side of the school. I for one was relieved to get to the end of our little show still in the tinsel-bedecked saddle. Somehow we managed to come second and pick up yet more blue decoration in the form of a rosette. Nice one Toby! Next up were the Wednesday evening kids’ club doing their demo. This time it was six riders and horses sporting just about every length of red tinsel in the county. Although Suzie and Ted both looked vaguely terrified when they came into the arena – there was quite an audience – Steph and Viviana did an amazing job of keeping them calm. Olivia had an impeccably behaved Toby (maybe he’s just not that keen on me) and Mia on Milly sported a smile wide enough to brighten the dullest afternoon. Zac on Riache and Libby on Axel did a great job as lead files and the overall performance was truly amazing. So proud of them all. High Five guys!