Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Keysoe

Today Real and I went out competing with Jack and Faffa to Keysoe in Bedfordshire. We went out a handful of times in 2015 and had mixed fortunes. Real has had a sheltered upbringing and doesn’t really do different and at times he has been more like a dragon or Bambi than a horse. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but each time has been a little bit better. This time he warmed up beautifully once he had got over the fact there was a door in the indoor arena which might’ve had a tiger or worse behind it. We even managed to be reasonably relaxed in the outdoor warm up area once we’d been past the advertising boards and the judge’s hut a few (many!) times. There was a moment just before we started our test when I thought we might revert to Bambi mode, but we Just about held it together – so well that I hardly managed to wait until the end to give him the hugest pat ever. He did his best test to date and came 2nd in his category. Blue so suits him! And I bet none of the other horses have a day job in a riding school. Thank you Tina for letting me borrow him. We need a Contessa saddle cloth so we can do marketing 😊