Strictly Come Dancing

The first weekend in March presented the opportunity to indulge in a bit of Dancing with Wolves Horses. First up was a bit of piaffe practice on Real. He’s a bit of a late starter with this tricky stuff (he is 18 now) but I think he was probably Rudolph Nureyev in a previous life as he quite likes the opportunity to do a bit of pointy-toed ballet dancing. Sometimes he even offers a few bounce-steps when I don’t really want it … Anyway, on Saturday we decided to try it on purpose and managed a few proper grown up steps. I was delighted with him and his efforts until Joao Cavaco – always striving for better – reminded me that we had been trying to perfect this for a whole year now. Whilst for me 2 proper steps are better than none, Joao wants 4. If we were in the equine equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing we might not make it past Blackpool, but we are certainly not in the John Sargeant / Ann Widdecombe camp!
The second act was courtesy of my own horse – Giuto – who went out hacking with Jack and Faffa for the first time. Giuto (aka Mr G) is a little bit more contemporary in his choice of genre and gives full vent to his Latin roots – he is a Lusitano from Portugal after all. He favours a free-style approach which shows a creative flair. One description I found on line says: “Pioneers of contemporary dance believed that dancers should have freedom of movement, allowing their bodies to freely express their innermost feelings.” He most definitely did that on Sunday at times!
Finally, returning to the Strictly theme, Wanda Bendisch took on the role of choreographer to my and Leila’s Anton and Erin as we performed a pas de deux on Unico and Xariel. Despite our protests she videoed our efforts which, to be fair, were not too shabby in the end, although this was about the 4th time we had ridden the routine.  Sadly the short clip is too big to attach here.  :-(    We might have warranted a generous 7 – but definitely not a “Ten from Len” this time.
Keep dancing riding. 