Sorry about the Shrieking

My Easter Sunday lesson happened during one of the infrequent periods of sunshine between visits from Storm Katie. Sundays are traditionally “play time” with Leila and I think Real really enjoyed it today because we went from light-seat canter straight into a lovely flying change. And then, to prove it wasn’t a fluke, we did another one later in the lesson which is when the shrieking happened – the first one with delight at having done it and the second one with surprise as he followed up with a Real trademark star jump. I was so pleased with him – and me. No tension from either of us. The secret seems to be doing big, bold “eventing changes” and not anything quite as controlled as a dressage change. Sorry Joao and Dawn, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.  Those Schoolmasters better watch their backs.  And apologies to those who happened to be sharing the indoor school with me for the noise.