Reply to BD forum comment!

This is the reply I wrote on The British Dressage Forum when someone had asked “What is Contessa like as they want to perhaps go to ride the advanced horses”
There were a few replies, one saying it was good but expensive, another said she had been to us and was good but she didn’t think the horses was going forward into the contact enough and was told that was ok, but she still managed to ride tempi changes ( so couldn’t have been too bad to be able to do that!!) and then a lovely one from a very, very longstanding client that recommended us very highly, thank you Sue.
My reply.

Thank you for the comments on my yard….. Contessa Riding Centre. We do have some lovely horses that people can come and learn on inc Advanced Lusitano Stallion Schoolmasters along with their W/B friends. These lessons are after an initial assessment on a well trained lower level horse. What people do have to appreciate is that these horses have either finished their competitive career or they are not able to compete anymore due to perhaps and old injury or they are just mature but can still give client a correct feel of the movements even if they can’t be “pushed” too hard. Their experience is invaluable to the advancement of the aspiring rider.
I have trained all my staff and I trained with Arthir Kottas for over 20 yrs and that training is passed on to all my students.
At Contessa the horses come first and as I have had many of them from very young horses they are like family and therefore loved very much. When you ride with us we want to to form a partnership with the horse you are on and work to get the best from that horse on that day and if you are able to produce some, piaffe, passage, single changes up to tempi ones then that is fantastic but if you can’t quite find the buttons then it may take a little more time to find them than you initially thought, as THAT’S HORSES for you, they are not machines!! Only way to find out if you can find the buttons if to come and have a go!
As for the cost of the lessons, these horses are expensive to keep and I only ask them to do a limited amount of lessons each week and I think the level of instruction and their quality justifies the cost, we all know that keeping any horse is very costly these days anyway.
Tina Layton BHSI