October 2016 Dressage Competition

Despite the weather conditions in the morning and all the lovely grey horses being yellow by the time they had warmed up in the outdoor arena, a great time was had by all at Contessa’s unaffiliated dressage competition on 16th October 2016. There were about 50 entries on the day which kept the judges (and writers!) and stewards very busy. All the school horses and ponies and those who visited on the day looked amazing – if Charlotte Dujardin ever loses Alan as her groom there are some serious contenders to replace him. All the riders scrubbed up well too, albeit most were a bit mud-spattered.

I brought Giuto (aka Mr G) for his first competitive outing and entered him into two classes where he behaved impeccably. I was pleased with the lovely comments about his trot but acknowledge that the canter can be a little “expressive” at times. We’re working on it!

As ever, the whole atmosphere was really friendly and encouraging, with competitors supporting each other throughout the day. Whatever their score, I know that everyone will have gone away with some really positive comments on their test sheet and some helpful pointers of what to work on.

So, believing every day is a school day, what did I learn?
• You should always be prepared to have a go – that’s what days like this are about. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if you get a rosette – it’s about doing your best, being delighted with the good bits and then finding out what you need to work on for next time.
• Always pick a brown horse – they are easier to keep clean 😉

Thank you to all the Team for putting on such a super event.