Contessa Riding & Training Centre

Contessa is a leading Dressage Centre in Hertfordshire, providing Advanced Dressage lessons Lusitano stallions and warmbloods as well as riding for all levels

Holiday 1
Dressage and Jumping Riding Course

Dressage & Jumping Riding Course – riding twice or three times a day. The course begins with an assessment lesson and then you can participate in a variety of lessons, lectures in horse care, watch demonstrations etc. Riding will include flatwork lessons on our school horses working to improve position and feel and to develop a better understanding of the dressage movements. Polework and jumping lessons can be included to develop jumping skills. Riders may also choose to trade in 2 group lessons for a private lunge lesson.

Dressage and Jumping Course

A. 2 group lessons per day – please call the office for pricing

B. 3 group lessons per day – please call the office for pricing