Contessa Riding & Training Centre

Contessa is a leading Dressage Centre in Hertfordshire, providing Advanced Dressage lessons Lusitano stallions and warmbloods as well as riding for all levels

Tuesday – Balance and Coordination
7:00 - 8:00pm, Wanda Bendisch, £40

The aim of this evening class is to develop a positive attitude towards riding through releasing stress and supporting the rider’s confidence by working on our level of fitness and coordination. Through developing a better balance on the horse we increase the rider’s equilibrium and his seat on the horse.

Our aims are to improve mobility and flexibility, core stability, postural alignment, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and create a oneness with our horse. The class is mainly for the novice rider who is capable to walk, trot and canter independently. But we also welcome the adult rider who has started riding recently and would like to try riding in a group in a relaxed atmosphere.
We like to try different things on our Tuesday evening class like vaulting, fitness workouts, riding to music etcetera. If you would like to try anything special let us know 🙂

One hour group ride.