Contessa Riding & Training Centre

Contessa is a leading Dressage Centre in Hertfordshire, providing Advanced Dressage lessons Lusitano stallions and warmbloods as well as riding for all levels


Peter is a practical farrier who runs his own business and has been working for Contessa for more than 20 years. Peter has a keen interest in farriery related research. He is the inventor of the hoof support patch (DuraHeel) for the prevention of collapsed heels in horses. He has investigated the effect of the DuraHeel on blood flow in the equine hoof and on hoof deformation. He is currently working with Equigait to provide a practical Gait Assessment system for assessing asymmetry in horses. He is also a collaborator in a series of projects in the field of locomotor biomechanics in the horse working closely with other members of the Structure and Motion Lab and the Equine Hospital at the RVC in addition to didactic and rotational teaching in farriery. Peter has developed a series of clinical skills stations for veterinary students to practice day 1 skills, such as shoe removal or paring out a foot abscess. Peter lives in Cambridge with wife Liz and his children James and Lexi.